An important demand in the development of the plastics industry

Marine pollution, garbage disasters, and environmental pollution caused by plastic packaging are always criticized by all trades. As a result, recycling plastics has become the consensus and common pursuit of the global society! After 7 years of inspection, preparation and construction, Guolong Plastic has realized a closed-loop plastic enterprise from recycling, washing, bottle flakes, pelletizing, bottle to bottle utilization, sheet and thermoforming products!

Seven years of preparation, seven years of investment, seven years of construction, and be full of passion on the project

This is the spirit of Guolong people!

Green & Environmental Protection

Make the Earth a Better Place

Advanced process and technology are the guarantee of the qualified products

The 100,000-level clean air production workshop ensures product safety and hygiene


German KIEFEL theermoforming food packaging line-cutting-edge equipment & leading quality.


Austrian SML three-layer coextrusion line


The Initial Idea

Guolong Plastic's Logo " Logo " is actually evolved from the Chinese pinyin "Guo Long". The left and right symmetrical letter G are two symmetrical arrows representing the concept of protecting of the earth and green environmental protection. It also represents a vision and social responsibility that the Guolong's global view--benefits the human being and makes the earth a better place, echoing the brand and product characteristics. The letter O " Logo " is also derived from the TaiQi" Logo ". The Yin and Yang complament each other and represent the cycle of everything, the continuation, and never ending.

The core value proposition of Guolong brand

The core value proposition of Guolong brand

Guolong Plastic·Green & Environmental Protection Make the Earth a Better Place!

Guolong's operation principle

Guolong's operation principle

Green, environmental protection, quality, technology--creating a sustainable ecosystem.

Guolong's Service Concept

Guolong's Service Concept

Whole-hearted, sincerity, and win-win--providing customers with one-stop solution for PET food packaging with high quality and preferential price.

Set development, design, production, sales in one

Specializing in the production of food grade PET plastic products enterprises