Guangxi Guolong Recyclable Resources Development Co., Ltd. is a recycled plastics enterprise to achieve a closed-loop model of recycling,washing, bottle flakes, pelletizing, sheeting and thermoforming products!

The company has been introduced SOREMA recycled PET washing line, which is one of the top three production lines in the world.It is in line with the washing requirement for food grade application of EU EFSA and US FDA, and filled the blank of domestic R-PET food grade packaging.

The whole line has been inrtoduced the EREMA and SML's PET three-layer coextrusion line. Its process and equipment can pass the food safety certification of EU EFSA and US FDA.

Introduced the KIEFEL high-speed positive-negative pressure thermoforming machine and high-speed cup making machine, which can produce fruit and vegetable boxes, moon cake boxes, egg boxes, frozen meat boxes, trays, gift boxes, daily necessities boxes, electronic product packaging boxes, packed lunch boxes, nut boxes,cold drink cups, milk tea cups, fruit cups, food bowls, soup bowls and other packaging products.

After years of hard work, Guolong Plastic has accumulated a wealth of PET packaging technology, through the understanding of recycled polyester production materials and quality requirements and by contious R&D, innovation, to provide customers and consumers with overall green plastic packaging solution.

Guolong Plastic will stay true to its original purpose and mission, and will continue to explore the green packaging industry, leading the world to a better future.

The 100,000-level clean air production workshop ensures product safety and hygiene

German KIEFEL theermoforming food packaging line-cutting-edge equipment & leading quality.

Advanced process and technology are the guarantee of the qualified products

Italian SOREMA recycled PET washing line, which has taken the lead around the world with its recycling process technology. It is in line with the washing requirement for food grade aplication of EU EFSA and US FDA.
Austrian EREMA extrusion line acquired the US FDA food safety certification with its powerful melting, purification and regeneration capacity.
Austrian SML three-layer coextrusion line.
German TOMRA photoeletric equipment with efficient and precise photoelectric sorting technology to guarantee the product purity.
Austrian SML sheet line.
Austrian SML sheet line.

ABA three-layer coextrusion advanced technology, real green & environmental friendly products can be assured.

Anti-static function, it can be used in high-end electronic packaging with environmental friendly concept.

Double-sided corona, it is the best choice for cold storage and defogging