News || Guolong Recyclable Resources Development Co.,Ltd Receives No Objection Letter (NOL) from FDA for PCR HDPE.

2024-02-24 06:11  |  492

On March 3, 2022. the NOLNo Objection Letteris issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to Guangxi Wuzhou Guolong Renewable Resources Development Co., Ltd. Guolong recylcled HDPE production has officially passed the US FDA audit and proved that our recycled HDPE pellets can be use to manufacture all kinds of food contact type HDPE containers which meets FDA standards.

This is the second NOL (No Objection Letter) for Guolong after obtaining the FDA (NOL) certification for rPET sheets in 2021. It is an important achievement of Guolong in the development of plastic recycling!

HDPE is one of the main projects of Guolong Company. The whole line has introduced food-grade HDPE granulation line from Austrian EREMA Company. Guolong HDPE project has realized the closed-loop mode from recycling, cleaning, bottle flakes and granulation products. 100,000 tons of waste HDPE plastics ( i.e waste daily chemical bottles, oil bottles, juice bottles, milk bottles, etc.) can be processed each year with an annual output of 30,000 tons of food-grade HDPE recycled pellets and 50,000 tons of chemical-grade HDPE recycled pellets. 

In the process of development, Guolong company has carried out multi-level cooperation with the College of Environment of Tsinghua University and the College of Food Science of Jinan University, and carried out scientific research topics such as project planning, process technology, product development, etc., and carried out special research on waste plastics recycling and  pollution control, and other cooperation. We also research and develop food contact materials by using recycled plastics with Guangzhou Customs Technology Center, establish together the "Recycled Plastics Food Contact Technology Research and Development Center".

In the recycling operation of waste PET, HDPE and PP plastics, Guolong Renewable Resources Development Co., Ltd., by introducing advanced technology and production equipment at home and abroad, has combined with the characteristics of waste plastics in China and realized from the recycling of waste plastics to the production of recycled products. The closed-loop production and operation mode of the whole industry chain is pioneering and innovating the industrial trend of high-value utilization of recycled plastics!