SSP(Solid State Polymerization)production line of Guolong Recyclable Resources is officially put into operation.

2024-02-24 05:59  |  1074

On November 1st, 2021, SSP(Solid State Polymerization)production line of Guangxi Wuzhou Guolong Recyclable Resources Development Co.,Ltd is officially put into operation. A close-loop Industry chain model from recycling, washing and cleaning, pelletizing, Intrinsic viscosity increasing and purification has been obtained by Guolong. Recycled PET project of Guolong is certified by GRS( the Global Recycled Standard), ISCC ( the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification), BRCGS( Global Standard for Packaging Materials), FDA ( Food and Drup Administration). Guolong is a dual-certified company by both of European and American countries on food packing materials.

The PET pelletizing production line from EREMA (Austria) and the SSP solid-state polymerization equipment of BUHLER (Switzerland) ensure the American FDA and European EFSA food grade standard rPET pellets from bottle flakes after melt extrusion, granulation, crystallization, purification and polymerization, with production capacity of 2.5 ton per hour and an annual output of more than 20,000 tons. The IV value can be reached above 0.82, which can meet the needs of various products made from recycled PET pellets.

After more than eight years of construction and research and development, Guolong Recyclable Resources has mastered the core technology of recycled plastics from recycling, washing and cleaning, crushing, pelletizing, sheeting, thermoforming packaging, and the entire industry chain of recycled PET and HDPE With a fully closed-loop model. Guolong has introduced the advanced technology and equipment from Europe and the United States, and integrated the production technology and production equipment of Italy SOREMA, Austria EREMA, Austria SML, Germany TOMRA and KIEFEL, Italy PIVION and Switzerland BUHLER. With all these advanced production equipment, Guolong will continuously researches, develops and optimizes production technologies, and wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality products and services.