A complete set of SOREMA production lines and processes have been introduced

2024-02-25 17:35  |  306
 Guolong company has introduced a complete set of SOREMA production line and production process, which is the largest PET plastic with single line capacity in Asia at present

Food grade recycling and cleaning production line.SOREMA's recycled cleaning process and equipment are approved by EFSA in the European Union and FDA in the United States to produce food-grade bottle tablets.RPET bottle flakes can produce 6 tons per hour with an annual output of 100,000 tons.



Let's introduce the SOREMA cleaning line of Guolong Company:

1. Unpack the recycled bottle

2. Separate the bottle cap
The photoelectric sorting equipment of Taorang has been incorporated here. 

3. Pre-wash in 80 ° C water: Clean the entire bottle to remove dirt, oil and other solid contaminants.

       4. Separate labels

       5. Automatic bottle sorting: based on the diversity of local feed flows, the product line has many infrared, color and metal detection systems installed.Different colors of PET bottles and different types of plastic bottles or materials L are removed by a combination of detection technology and manual sorting.The unwanted material is ejected by compressed air.

       6. Wet crushing: PET bottles are cut into small pieces to achieve the size required for the cleaning part.At the same time, this section is cleaned first to remove the most serious contaminants and prevent them from entering the more costly downstream chemical treatment steps.

       7. Strong wash with 90 ℃ water and imported food grade cleaner.
      8. Bleaching: The objective is to remove any polyolefin (polypropylene and polyethylene labels and caps) and other flotage for the second step of sheet cleaning.The heavier PET material will sink to the bottom of the flotation tank and be removed later.

     9. Re-cleaning
: Ensure high quality recycled PET tablets


    11 Separation label again: pneumatic separation system to further improve the purity of recovery,
Separation of metal: Removes any final metal, foreign matter or color, ensuring high quality of the final regenerated PET sheet.

    12.Stir well

    13.Store in a bag

SOREMA's pre-washing and cleaning system is very accurate, and the quality of recycled PET chips recovered by PET bottle cleaning equipment is comparable to that of brand new PET. 
RPET bottle tablets produced through these rigorous processes have reached the STANDARDS of EFSA and FDA of the European Union, and can be directly used to produce raw materials for food packaging.