Introduced German TOMRA photoelectric sorting equipment

2024-02-24 05:30  |  236

TOMRA is an industry leader in sensing and sorting technology. In order to ensure the purity and quality of RPET bottle flakes, Guolong has introduced eight TOMRA sorting devices. 

AUTOSORT ® intelligent sorting equipment, with a number of TOMRA latest patented technology, and introduces more elements and innovative recognition technology, artificial intelligence sensor function more powerful, can also according to the characteristics of separation, such as material and color are capable of doing more complex tasks, separation from various kinds of mixed waste sorting out high purity of PET, PP, HDPE, LDPE, PE, PC and other recyclable objects.

TOMRA's AUTOSORT FLAKE sorting device is capable of sorting out PET, HDPE, PP, PVC,PS, PLA, iron and non-ferrous metals simultaneously based on material, colour and metal characteristics.The sorting effect is not affected by the size of the bottle tablets, its stability, and significantly reduce the downtime.


AUTOSORT incorporates the unique and most innovative FLYING BEAM® patented technology that enables continuous automatic calibration of the equipment in operating conditions, significantly reducing separation bias due to changes in the intensity of external light sources, ensuring accuracy and stability. 


In the PET recycling and recycling industry, "bottle to bottle" recycling is the most difficult sorting challenge.This is because, in order for recycled plastic to meet food-grade requirements, it is necessary to keep the content of impurities such as PVC under 30ppm and ensure stable purity.


At present, THE PVC content of RPET bottle made by Guolong company can reach 9ppm.


Guolong uses the AUTOSORT and AUTOSORT FLAKE equipment in combination, and carries out quality control from the beginning of recycling. It introduces the Italian SOREMA cleaning line, the Austrian EREMA extrusion production line, and the German KIEFEL blister production line to achieve one-stop bottle to bottle flakes Sorting, and achieve the "bottle to bottle" regeneration quality.